Where Can I Get Frederick Tooth Whitening Treatment?

If you have always dreamt of a brighter, whiter smile, a Frederick tooth whitening procedure may be the solution for you. Professional teeth whitening treatment can transform your smile to give you the dazzling set of pearly whites you’ve always desired. At Skvorak Dental Excellent, we provide customized teeth whitening treatment, making it easier and more convenient to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Frederick Tooth Whitening

Millions of people across the United States are talking to their dentists about options for professionally whitening their teeth. Tooth discoloration may be caused by persistent exposure to certain highly pigmented foods and beverages, such as berries, coffee and wine, as well as tobacco use. The natural effects of aging can also cause teeth to lose their brightness over time, as enamel begins to thin, exposing more of the yellowish underlying dentin. However, there is no reason to despair. With a professional Frederick tooth whitening procedure stains and age related tooth discoloration can be erased. For in-office teeth whitening treatment, we apply a prescription grade whitening agent to the surfaces of your teeth, where it breaks down stains to reveal a smile that is several shades brighter in just one short visit. We also make it possible to brighten your smile at home with a fully customized take-home whitening kit. The home whitening method provides more gradual, pleasing results on its own or can be used to maximize and maintain the brightness of your smile following in-office treatment. Our team of professionals will address any questions you may to help you make the most informed decision regarding your course of care.

At Skvorak Dental Excellence, we are committed to helping you smile with the utmost confidence. Professional Frederick tooth whitening is a simple cosmetic solution that can dramatically enhance the appearance of your teeth. To learn more about teeth whitening treatment or to schedule a consultation, call today.


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