Frederick Root Canal

Root Canal in Frederick

At Skvorak Dental Excellence, we understand that root canal therapy may inspire anxiety in some of our patients. The truth is, today’s root canal treatment employs advanced techniques to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. In fact, a root canal treatment is performed to treat the underlying problem causing pain, and provide relief from it. A Frederick root canal is the most effective way to treat and save a tooth that has been damaged by injury or severe tooth decay.

Frederick Root Canal

When there is irreversible damage at the roots of your tooth, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy. Underneath the outermost biting surface of your tooth is a layer of core tissues, referred to as the dental pulp. Dental pulp plays the important role of providing nutrients to your tooth when it is first developing, however, once the tooth is fully matured, it no longer requires dental pulp to remain functional. When deep decay or a fracture to your tooth allows bacteria to enter the dental pulp, an infection can occur. Increased blood flow to the damaged pulp causes pressure to build up. You may experience symptoms such as a toothache, swelling and fever.

During Frederick root canal treatment, your dentist removes the dead or damaged pulp, cleans and shapes the pulp chamber, then seals the tooth with inert materials to prevent subsequent infection. Following treatment, your dentist may recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. Root canals are highly successful – a ninety-five percent effective rate is the norm – and with proper care, a tooth that has been treated with a root canal can remain healthy throughout your life.

If you require Frederick root canal therapy, Skvorak Dental Excellence provides the highest quality care in your area. Our friendly office staff and expert dentists will keep you fully informed, at ease and comfortable throughout your treatment. To learn more about our services, please call for a consultation today.


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